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 Public Masses Have Resumed! 


As you may have heard, Archbishop Rodi is allowing for Masses to once again be celebrated in public as long as we follow the mandatory guidelines, which I've attached to this email.  The main points are:

  1. The dispensation from Sunday Mass is still effective (meaning you are not bound by the pain of mortal sin if you do not attend Mass on Sunday)

  2. Do NOT come to church if you feel sick or have underlying conditions or live with/care for someone who does.

  3. If you come to Mass, you must follow social distancing rules (6ft from the next person)


Now it seems that things are changing by the day, so I don't want to make plans too far in advance.  But for THIS WEEK (Tues-Friday) we can resume Daily Mass beginning today (May 12th) with the 6pm evening Mass.  I would STRONGLY ENCOURAGE those who can to attend daily Mass to do so if they want to be assured a seat in the Church.


Under the current restrictions, we can fit around 60 people in the Church per Mass.  So if everyone tries to go to Mass this weekend, many will have to wait outside. This can be avoided if you come to mass during the week instead of on the weekend. Remember, your Sunday obligation is dispensed, so my main priority is to allow all of you to come to mass and receive the Eucharist.  If we "spread out" our attendance, I believe this can happen


Again, thank you for your patience and I would ask that you continue to be patient as we reopen our churches.  Realize that the daily mass schedule is the only thing set in stone right now.  I plan to send an email out on Friday concerning the weekend masses (just in case things change from now until then). 

If you have any questions and concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I miss all of you dearly and am happy to listen and meet with anyone who desires it.


In Christ


Fr. Pat

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